Mountain Childrens Ministry

Hope Changes Everything

MCM, came to [5-3] Digital Consulting, looking for a company that could provide ongoing support and web development as needed. Together we determined a predefined number of support hours (bucket of hours) to be spent each month for support. As a team, we chose WordPress as the CMS for this project for the ease of content editing, and maintenance. Hosting the website on Pantheon, allows us to provide MCM with a multi-environment hosting solution, as well as automate updates and security patches as they are released. 

About MCM

Mountain Children’s Ministry seeks to offer hope and a future to vulnerable children and families, sharing the love of God in the mountainous Kabale region of Uganda.

We believe children who learn they are loved by others and by God, and receive health care and education, will grow up with hope of improved lives for themselves and those they love. This hope will confirm they matter and encourage them to persist in becoming the people they dream of being. Hope for children lifts hope for the entire community, which is further strengthened by community development projects.

  • Project: 2015 – present 
  • Cms: WordPress
  • Editor: Elementor
  • Service Provided: Website Hosting, Content Management Solutions (CMS), Resources